Vision and Mission

Our Clients, Our Customers, Our Livelihood!

Our Clients
Our clients provide networks of health and investment information to our customers around the world. Customers can purchase supplements & health products, books, newsletters, attend seminars and receive free electronic newsletters on topics of interest to them. Our clients target the most contemporary approaches to discussing and offering insights into high-impact subjects and situations.

Our clients publish ideas: useful ideas that will appeal to our external customers. These ideas, along with data, opinions and other thoughtful dialogue, are designed to make people more independent – financially, physically and intellectually.
vision and mission
Our clients need to stay ahead of the competition. To do so, they must bring ideas to the marketplace quickly. Their marketing approach is to test various products and services at different stages of development. As these tests become successful, products and services are perfected for a wider, more targeted launch. These dynamics require that TCC be agile, responsive and open to change.

Our Mission
The Mission and Business Goals of TCC are to provide high quality consultative sales; and confident, thoughtful customer service to our customers. We seek to attract people who are enthusiastic, friendly, and outgoing, and who embrace change. We will create and sustain a positive and healthy business environment for all personnel, whether they are direct employees of TCC or employees of our staffing partners. We use training, technology, coaching and ongoing education to differentiate our abilities; and our employees have the skills, leadership and opportunities required to support our mission and excel in their career.

TCC, LLC is a new and dynamic contact center focused on providing superior customer service support and building strategic partnerships with our clients. Our clients are world-wide, ever-changing and evolving, and always introducing new products and ideas to the marketplace.
TCC takes pride in always being open to change and ready to adapt in order to meet the needs our clients. TCC, LLC is a people company, our passion and dedication to the growth and success of our employees can be seen in each one of our actions and initiatives.

Our Values
At TCC, our values drive our business. We value:

  • Our People
  • We are positive, empowered, trained professionals. Our relationships are open, honest and straightforward. Our leaders lead by example with respect, empathy and integrity.

  • Our Clients
  • We are dedicated to extending the absolute highest value in products and services to their customers.

  • Our Performance
  • We work together as a team to leverage our strengths, embrace change and seek continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. We are committed to understanding and responding to our clients’ and their customers’ needs, maximizing our sales and being the absolute best in all that we do.

  • Our Environment
  • We are focused, enabled and ready to serve our clients and their customers. We will sustain an environment that motivates people to excel, provides opportunities to advance, and rewards superior performance.

  • Our Communities
  • We will seek ways to become actively involved in our community, fostering volunteerism, and cultivating ways to give back to our fellow human beings and preserve our environment.